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Susan F. Schulman

Susan Schulman Literary Agency

Literary Fiction | Crime | Mystery | Commercial Fiction | Women's Fiction | Family Saga | Historical Fiction | Young Adult | Thrillers/Suspense | Children's | Multi-Cultural | Gay & Lesbian | Middle Grade

History | Biography | Religion | Food & Lifestyle | Politics | Science | Multi-Cultural | Memoirs | Travel | Art | Spirituality | Current Affairs | Business | Women's Issues | Finance | Psychology | Health & Fitness | Gay & Lesbian | Film & Entertainment | True Crime | Cultural/Social Issues | Juvenile

  • This agent accepts queries

    • Particularly interested in fiction & nonfiction related to women's issues & interests
    • Interested in books about the arts, in particular, creativity and writing
    • We represent works based in humanism which contribute to our human experience, to help us understand our life, our society, our purpose.
    • She does NOT represent Christian literature, Erotica, Horror, Poetry, Puzzles, Games, Science-fiction, Fantasy, Western, Cooking, Food, Wine, Crafts, Hobbies,, DIY, Home, Garden, Professional, Reference, Technical, How-to, Textbooks
    • Fiction: Query Letter with outline and three sample chapters, resume and SASE.
    • Non-Fiction: Query Letter with complete description of subject, at least one chapter, resume and SASE
    • Queries may be sent via regular mail or email via Please do not submit queries via UPS or Federal Express.
    • Please do not send attachments with email queries.

    • Susan Schulman recently received a Certificate in Intellectual Property Law form NYU Law School which will enable us to focus on digital rights management.
    • Founding member of INK THINK TANK, an on-line business representing non-fiction children's book authors' video conferencing appearances and sales of data base of associated non-fiction books.
    • B.A. English Literature, Summa Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa; M.A. Dual Major Renaissance Literature and Linguistics; Certificate in Intellectual Property Law, New York University.

    The Artist's Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity
    Author:   Julia Cameron
    Genres:   Spirituality
    Publisher:   Jeremy P. Tarcher; 10th Annv edition (February 28, 2002) paperback
    International bestseller on the subject of creativity, and a guide to living the artist's life
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    The English Patient
    Author:   Michael Ondaatje
    Genres:   Commercial Fiction | Historical Fiction
    Publisher:   Alfred A. Knopf; 1st ed edition (October 1, 1992)
    The story of the entanglement of four damaged lives in an Italian monastery as World War II ends. (Movie Rights)
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    Author:   Louis Sachar
    Genres:   Young Adult
    Publisher:   Frances Foster Books; 1st ed edition (September 1, 1998)
    Wry and loopy novel about a camp for juvenile delinquents in a dry Texas desert. (Movie Rights)
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    In Their Shoes: Extraordinary Women Describe Their Amazing Careers
    Author:   Deborah Reber
    Genres:   Women's Issues
    Publisher:   Simon Pulse (April 10, 2007)
    Packed with informative and inspirational advice from women at every stage of their careers, In Their Shoes is a must-have reference for every aspiring working girl!
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    Better Than Yesterday
    Author:   Robyn Schneider
    Genres:   Young Adult
    Publisher:   Delacorte Books for Young Readers (January 9, 2007)
    A humorous YA "chick literary" novel about four top students at an eleite East Coast boarding school and the events that prompt them to sneak off to Manhattan, fall in love, and learn to take the SAT's a little bit less seriously
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    One Train Later: A Memoir
    Author:   Andy Summers
    Genres:   Celebrity | Memoirs
    Publisher:   St. Martin's Griffin (May 29, 2007)
    Summers—a musician best known for playing guitar in the seminal 1980s band the Police—recounts the details of his time in the spotlight and his circuitous and fantastic journey toward fame in this memoir
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    Understanding Privacy
    Author:   Daniel Solove
    Genres:   Cultural/Social Issues
    Publisher:   Harvard University Press (March 30, 2010)
    Privacy is one of the most important concepts of our time, yet it is also one of the most elusive. In this concise and lucid book, Daniel J. Solove offers a comprehensive overview of the difficulties involved in discussions of privacy and ultimately provides a provocative resolution.

    The Future of Reputation: Gossip, Rumor, and Privacy on the Internet
    Author:   Daniel Solove
    Genres:   Cultural/Social Issues
    Publisher:   Yale University Press (October 28, 2008)
    Teeming with chatrooms, online discussion groups, and blogs, the Internet offers previously unimagined opportunities for personal expression and communication. But there’s a dark side to the story. A trail of information fragments about us is forever preserved on the Internet, instantly available in a Google search. A permanent chronicle of our private lives will follow us wherever we go, accessible to anyone who cares to look. This engrossing book, brimming with amazing examples of gossip, slander, and rumor on the Internet, explores the profound implications of the online collision between free speech and privacy.

    Built to Love: Creating Products That Captivate Customers
    Author:   Peter Boatwright and Jonathan Cagan
    Genres:   Business
    Publisher:   Berrett-Koehler Publishers (September 5, 2010)
    Using a combination of industry-based research and laboratory experiments, the authors demonstrate that customers will richly pay for products that authentically provide emotional fulfillment. They uncover the science behind successful products that create an avid and loyal following, and they present evidence that product emotions increase a product's success in the marketplace as well as a firm's success in the stock market (even when the economy is down!).

    Man Gave Names to All the Animals
    Author:   Bob Dylan (Author) Jim Arnosky (Illustrator)
    Genres:   Children's
    Publisher:   Serling (September 7, 2010)
    Whimsical and witty, “Man Gave Names to All the Animals” first appeared on Bob Dylan's album Slow Train Coming in 1979. Illustrator Jim Arnosky has now crafted a stunning picture book adaptation of Dylan's song that's a treat for both children and adults, with breathtaking images of more than 170 animals plus a CD of Dylan's original recording.

    The Rise of the Creative Class: And How It's Transforming Work, Leisure, Community and Everyday Life
    Author:   Richard Florida
    Genres:   Cultural/Social Issues
    Publisher:   Basic Books (April 2002)
    Florida, an academic whose field is regional economic development, explains the rise of a new social class that he labels the creative class whose economic function is to create new ideas, new technology, and new creative content.
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    Who's Your City?: How the Creative Economy Is Making Where to Live the Most Important Decision of Your Life
    Author:   Richard Florida
    Genres:   Cultural/Social Issues
    Publisher:   Basic Books; Reprint edition (June 30, 2009)
    How the power of place has everything to do with our success well beyond our own recognition
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    The Velvet Rage: Overcoming the Pain of Growing Up Gay in a Straight Man's World
    Author:   Alan Downs
    Genres:   Memoirs | Gay & Lesbian
    Publisher:   Da Capo Press (May 2005)
    Therapist Downs's book describes the paradigmatic ways in which early childhood molds the future lives of gay men
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    It Started With a Dare
    Author:   Lindsay Faith Rech
    Genres:   Young Adult
    Publisher:   Graphia (September 2010)
    When CG Silverman moves to a new town midway through 10th grade, her tomboy style and quick wit get her invited to queen bee Alona Spelton's inner circle as its resident rebel. During a game of Truth or Dare, a lie and a dare that go further than CG anticipates secure her status in Alona's clique. CG invents more elaborate lies and takes increasing risks to maintain her new reputation, until she ultimately realizes that the best friends are the ones who accept you for who you are.
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    Daughters of the Stone
    Author:   Dahlma Llanos-Figueroa
    Genres:   Literary Fiction | Women's Fiction | Family Saga | Historical Fiction | Multi-Cultural
    Publisher:   Thomas Dunne Books (September 2009)
    A lyrical, powerful debut novel about a family of Afro–Puerto Rican women, spanning five generations, detailing their physical and spiritual journey from the Old World to the New.
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    Spotting for Nellie
    Author:   Pamela Lowell
    Genres:   Young Adult
    Publisher:   Marshall Cavendish Children's Books (April 2010)
    The story of two sisters, Claire and Nellie, and the fallout from a terrible car accident related to underage drinking.
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    Will I Ever Be Good Enough?
    Author:   Karyl McBride
    Genres:   Parenting | Psychology
    Publisher:   Free Press (September 2008)

    A Fine Romance
    Author:   Judith Sills
    Genres:   Dating/Relationships | Psychology
    Publisher:   Ballantine Books (April 1988)

    Living Oprah
    Author:   Robyn Okrant
    Genres:   Celebrity | Memoirs | Women's Issues
    Publisher:   Center Street (January 2010)

    All the Seasons of the Year
    Author:   Deborah Lee Rose
    Genres:   Children's
    Publisher:   Abrams Books for Young Readers (October 2010)

    La Noche Buena: A Christmas Story
    Author:   Antonio Sacre and Angela Dominguez
    Genres:   Children's
    Publisher:   Abrams Books for Young Readers (November 2010)

    Author:   Judy Nunn
    Genres:   Literary Fiction
    Publisher:   Random House (2004)

    Corporate Irresponsibility
    Author:   Lawrence Mitchell
    Genres:   Current Affairs | Business | Finance
    Publisher:   Yale University Press (November 2001)

    The Good Son
    Author:   Michael Gurian
    Genres:   Parenting | Psychology
    Publisher:   Tarcher (August 2000)

    The Color of Money
    Author:   Walter Tevis
    Genres:   Literary Fiction
    Publisher:   Thunder's Mouth Press (April 2003)

    Women Who Love Too Much
    Author:   Robin Norwood
    Genres:   Dating/Relationships | Psychology
    Publisher:   Gallery (April 2008)

    The Vein of Gold
    Author:   Julia Cameron
    Genres:   Spirituality
    Publisher:   Tarcher (September 1996)

    The Myth of Choice
    Author:   Kent Greenfield
    Genres:   Cultural/Social Issues
    Publisher:   Yale University Press
    In this provocative book, Kent Greenfield poses unsettling questions about the choices we make. What if they are more constrained and limited than we like to think? If we have less free will than we realize, what are the implications for us as individuals and for our society?

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