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Kathi Paton

Kathi J. Paton Literary Agency

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    • This agency is mainly interested in nonfiction; they take on very few new fiction clients.
    • They are interested in nonfiction that is alarming, brilliant and unprecedented.
    • This agency does NOT represent science fiction, horror, fantasy, poetry, YA or children's books
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    • Former editor at Simon and Schuster
    • Ms. Paton is a member of the Authors Guild
    • In business since 1987
    • Graduate of Middlebury College

    Non-Fiction | Current Affairs
    ZERO DAY THREAT, by Pulitzer Prize winner Byron Acohido and USA Today technology reporter Jon Swartz. Published by Sterling/Union Square Press 2008.

    Non-Fiction | Health & Fitness
    THE ESSENTIAL DAUGHTER and NATIONAL PUBLIC RADIO author Mary Collins’s AMERICAN IDLE: A JOURNEY THROUGH OUR SEDENTARY CULTURE, explores the subtle and systemic issues behind the physical, social and moral consequences of our sedentary lives – and how to offset them. Capital Books, published September 2009.

    Non-Fiction | Nature/Ecology
    Environmental writer David Wheeler's WILD NEW JERSEY: NATURE ADVENTURES IN THE GARDEN STATE, a guide and history of how wildlife is reclaiming the state, to Rutgers University Press, for publication in Spring 2011.

    Unraveling the Mystery of Autism and Pervasive Developmental Disorder: A Mother's Story of Research & Recovery
    Author:   Karyn Seroussi
    Genres:   Medical | Parenting | Health & Fitness
    Publisher:   Broadway; 1st Broadw edition (January 8, 2002)
    The story of Seroussi, a small-business owner and wife of a research chemist, whose son was diagnosed with autism at 19 months and inspired her unwavering determined to do everything in her power to help her child achieve normal functioning
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    Miracle At Kitty Hawk: The Letters Of Wilbur and Orville Wright
    Author:   Fred C. Kelly (Editor)
    Genres:   History
    Publisher:   Da Capo Press; Reprint edition (December 3, 2002)
    This volume of correspondence among the Wright brothers, family members, and others is also a chronicle of their building of the first successful airplanes and their historic early flights
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    Hurricane Season: Stories from the Eye of the Storm
    Author:   Karen Bjorneby
    Genres:   Literary Fiction | Short Stories
    Publisher:   Sourcebooks (August, 2001)
    Twelve stories in which characters struggle with religion, weather, and disaster as they try to live their lives
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    Panasonic: The Largest Corporate Restructuring in History
    Author:   Francis McInerney
    Genres:   Business
    Publisher:   Truman Talley Books; First Edition edition (May 1, 2007)

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    Zero Day Threat: The Shocking Truth of How Banks and Credit Bureaus Help Cyber Crooks Steal Your Money and Identity
    Author:   Byron Acohido
    Genres:   Journalism
    Publisher:   Union Square Press (April 1, 2008)
    A white-collar true-crime story, Zero Day Threat is a powerful investigative expose on bank and lending policies that actually facilitate ID theft and fraud
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    Bury My Heart at Cooperstown: Salacious, Sad, And Surreal Deaths in the History of Baseball
    Author:   Frank Russo, Gene Racz
    Genres:   History | Sports
    Publisher:   Triumph Books (March 31, 2006)
    Bury My Heart at Cooperstown is a remarkable encyclopedia of information, which tells the tales baseball’s characters, its mascots and murderers, those who suffered heroically, and those who joyfully drank themselves into oblivion
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    Hannah Senesh: Her Life and Diary, the First Complete Edition
    Author:   Hannah Senesh
    Genres:   History | Biography
    Publisher:   Jewish Lights Publishing (August 30, 2007)
    On November 7, 1944, a Nazi firing squad in Budapest shot Hannah Senesh, 23, a Hungarian-born Zionist who had spent the previous five years studying and working in Palestine. Hoping to help liberate Jews in her homeland, she had joined the British army, parachuted into Yugoslavia and crossed the border into Hungary. Immediately captured, tortured and jailed, she refused to divulge sensitive information that could compromise her fellow partisans' safety. This edition includes Hannah's diary entries from ages 13 to 22, poignant memoirs by Hannah's mother, Catherine, about her gifted daughter's childhood and tragic final months, and riveting essays by two of Hannah's fellow soldiers.
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    Catch My Mother's Killer
    Author:   Paula Mints
    Genres:   True Crime
    Publisher:   New Horizon Press
    Businesswoman Paula Mints writes with heartbreaking honesty about her mother's murder. It is both the gripping story of a criminal investigation and an inspiring tale of a cathartic journey that teaches how to forgive, find love, and gain the peace that comes with healing.

    American Idle: A Journey Through Our Sedentary CUlture
    Author:   Mary Collins
    Genres:   Health & Fitness
    Publisher:   CApital Books
    American Idle explores the subtle and systemic issues behind the physical, social and moral consequences of our sedentary lives – and how to offset them.

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