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    • Before joining LAR, Fleishman was on the Film & Media Studies faculty at Hunter College CUNY for 26 years and taught at Teachers College, Columbia University. LAR adheres to the Association of Author Representatives' Code of Ethics
    • He completed his graduate work at NYU and Temple University and was a Carnegie Fellow at Carnegie Mellon University

    Extraordinary Putting: Transforming the Whole Game
    Author:   Fred Shoemaker, J. Hardy
    Genres:   Sports
    Publisher:   Putnam Adult (April 20, 2006)
    From the bestselling author and world-renowned coach, a unique approach to the often neglected art of putting that reveals three important keys to unlock the secrets to improved performance and overall satisfaction
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    Xenophon's Cyrus the Great: The Arts of Leadership and War
    Author:   Larry Hedrick (Editor)
    Genres:   Business
    Publisher:   Truman Talley Books (May 2, 2006)

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    The 10 Rules of Sam Walton: Success Secrets for Remarkable Results
    Author:   Michael Bergdahl
    Genres:   Business
    Publisher:   Wiley (June 12, 2006)
    Michael Bergdahl (Pittsburgh, PA) worked with Sam Walton, the founder of Wal-Mart, and reveals the ten key result areas that Walton considered pivotal to his own success
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    The Only Guide to a Winning Bond Strategy You'll Ever Need: The Way Smart Money Preserves Wealth Today
    Author:   Larry E. Swedroe, Joseph H. Hempen
    Genres:   Finance
    Publisher:   Truman Talley Books (March 7, 2006)
    Larry Swedroe has collaborated with Joe H. Hempen to create a totally up-to-date book on how to invest in today's bond mar
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    The Thunder of Angels : The Montgomery Bus Boycott and the People Who Broke the Back of Jim Crow
    Author:   Donnie Williams, Wayne Greenhaw
    Genres:   History | Multi-Cultural
    Publisher:   Lawrence Hill Books (October 28, 2005)
    Williams and Greenhaw reveal the depth of involvement of ordinary black folks in the Montgomery bus boycott and their brave resistance to Jim Crow, far beyond that which is commonly known
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    Live it Up without Outliving Your Money!: 10 Steps to a Perfect Retirement Portfolio
    Author:   Paul Merriman
    Genres:   Finance
    Publisher:   Wiley (April 1, 2005)
    An educational and motivational guide to retiring without running out of money.
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    The Privileged Planet: How Our Place in the Cosmos is Designed for Discovery
    Author:   Guillermo Gonzalez, Jay Richards
    Genres:   Religion
    Publisher:   Regnery Publishing, Inc. (March 2004)
    A convincing case that the rare, finely tuned conditions that allow for intelligent life on Earth are no coincidence, and that Earth was practically designed for discovery
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    Bush's Brain: How Karl Rove Made George W. Bush Presidential
    Author:   James Moore, Wayne Slater
    Genres:   Politics
    Publisher:   John Wiley & Sons; New Ed edition (January 5, 2004)
    A hard-hitting biography of über-advisor Karl Rove, who has arguably had unprecedented power as an unelected consultant to President Bush
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    Benjamin Rush: Patriot and Physician
    Author:   Alyn Brodsky
    Genres:   History | Biography
    Publisher:   Truman Talley Books; 1st edition (June 1, 2004)
    Brodsky draws heavily from Rush's massive self-documentation to paint a compelling portrait of this pre-American Revolution medical and social activist
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    What I Learned Before I Sold to Warren Buffett: An Entrepreneur's Guide to Developing a Highly Successful Company
    Author:   Barnett C. Helzberg
    Genres:   Business
    Publisher:   Wiley; 1 edition (March 21, 2003)
    Helzberg shares his thirty years of experience in running a successful business--Helzberg Diamonds, which was purchased in 1995 by Warren Buffett--and outlines the steps needed to prosper within a challenging business environment
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    The Teenage Investor: How to Start Early, Invest Often & Build Wealth
    Author:   Timothy Olsen
    Genres:   Finance
    Publisher:   McGraw-Hill; 1 edition (July 28, 2003)
    A Wall Street wiz kid teaches teens all about investing
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    Dirt: The Erosion of Civilizations
    Author:   David R. MOntgomery
    Genres:   Science
    Publisher:   University of California Press
    David Montgomery, a geomorphologist who studies how landscapes change through time, argues persuasively that the world’s limited supply of soil is humanity's most essential natural resource andis essentially linked to modern civilization's survival.

    The Only Guide to Alternative Investments You'll Ever Need: The Good, the Flawed, the Bad, and the Ugly
    Author:   Larry E Swedroe and Jared Kizer
    Genres:   Finance
    Publisher:   Bloomberg Press
    The authors offer the best approach is to add carefully chosen alternative investments to traditional stock and bond portfolios. They detail twenty alternative investments, explaining which to consider seriously and which to avoid entirely. They make specific recommendations about the best ways to access each investment, address tax and liquidity issues, and create an allocation and implementation strategy.

    Under a Green Sky: Global Warming, the Mass Extinctions of the Past, and What They Can Tell Us About Our Future
    Author:   Peter D. Ward
    Genres:   Science
    Publisher:   Collins
    Popular science writer and paleontologis,t Ward, presents breaking news about the link between past mass extinctions and global warming. He explains how the Permian extinction as well as four others happened, and describes the freakish oceans—belching poisonous gas—and sky—slightly green and always hazy—that would have attended them. Those ancient upheavals demonstrate that the threat of climate change cannot be ignored, lest the world's life today—ourselves included—face the same dire fate that has overwhelmed our planet several times before.

    Wise Investing Made Simple: Larry Swedroe's Tales to Enrich Your Future
    Author:   Larry Swedroe
    Genres:   Finance
    Publisher:   Charter Financial Pub Network
    In a series of engaging stories that are clear and simple yet profound in their meaning, Swedroe explains how modern financial markets really work and how any investor who comes to understand this will be able to make more informed and better investment decisions.

    Dinosaur Eggs Discovered: Unscrambling the Clues
    Author:   Lowell Dingus, Rodolfo A. Coria, Luis M. Chiappe
    Genres:   Science
    Publisher:   Twenty-First Century Books
    The book describes the authors' serendipitous discovery of a major dinosaur nesting ground in Argentina's Patagonian desert. The eggs, buried in mud, meant that they had stumbled across the scene of a long-forgotten catastrophe. Upon identifying the fossils as Titanosaur remains, the authors go on to describe in dense, specific detail what the evidence has so far revealed or implied about the huge creatures' identity, nesting behavior, embryonic development, predators, and the cause of the eggs' destruction.

    Out of Thin Air
    Author:   Peter D. Ward
    Genres:   Science
    Publisher:   Joseph Henry Press
    Ward accounts for the remarkable indestructibility of dinosaurs by connecting their unusual respiration system with their ability to adapt to Earth’s changing environment – a system that was ultimately bequeathed to their descendants, birds. By tracing the evolutionary path back through time, slowly but deliberately connecting the dots from birds to dinosaurs, Ward describes the unique form of breathing shared by these two distant relatives – and demonstrates how this simple but remarkable characteristic provides the elusive explanation to a question that has thus far stumped scientists.

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