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I’m not in your Agent Query database. How can I list my profile?

If you are a legitimate, non-fee charging reputable literary agent working in the United States (or directly selling to major US publishers), and you’d like to be included in our Agent Query database, please download and fill out our Create an Agent Profile form and follow our submission guidelines.

Does it cost anything to have my profile listed in Agent Query’s database?

No. Agents do not pay us to be in our AQ database, and we do not pay agents to participate.

I’m already listed in too many print guides and online resources. Why should I be included in Agent Query?

Because we are the definitive resource. Print guides come out once a year, and are out-of-date the moment they’re sent to the press. Agents quit agencies, set up their own boutiques, close shop shortly after, and establish a new affiliation with a new agency—all in the course of a year. No print guide, updated only once a year, can complete with the accuracy of a website that can be updated every hour. As for the internet, surf around. We’re the only website that offers a searchable database with over 600 reputable literary agents—100% free. And we take pride in the fact that we only list reputable, established agents and agencies.

I’m swamped with queries. Why should I update my Agent Query profile if it will only help more writers find me?

We believe you’re swamped because the right writers aren’t finding you. We bet 60-70% of your slush pile includes queries for genres that you don’t represent. The reason? Writers don’t have enough information, and it’s an impossible, time-consuming task to cross reference every page of a bible-sized print guide in order to find the right literary agents. In other words, writers know that you represent fiction, but they don’t know that you only represent literary fiction, not genre fiction. That’s why you’re so swamped with romance, science fiction, and mystery queries.

It’s nearly impossible for writers to find detailed, accurate, and current information about literary agents unless they dedicate their whole lives to the process. That's where we come in. Our AQ searchable database allows writers to pinpoint the right literary agent for their writing. If your profile is updated and accurately reflects your interests, writers won’t find you unless you’re the right match. And if your profile says you’re not accepting new clients, or you don’t accept email queries, or you only like gothic romance, then writers will get the point and move onto an agent that better suits their needs.

Okay, okay! Enough, already. I’m sold. How do I update my existing agent profile?

If you are currently an agent with a profile in our AQ database, you may login and directly update your profile.

To update your profile, please click on Agent Login underneath the AGENT header on our website.

If you are logging into the system for the first time, please click on "Retrieve Your Login Information." Our system will email you a temporary username and password to the email address listed in your AQ profile. Once you have logged into the AQ datbase, you may change this information.

If you no longer have access to the email address listed in your AQ profile, or if there is no email address listed, please email our AQ technical team and they will email you a temporary username and password. Please be patient as it may take a few days for our AQ techs to respond.

Thanks for your cooperation!