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Webzines and E-Journals

We love, love, love webzines and e-journals, especially the ones that incorporate the best aspects of the internet--interactivity, sound, image, and words--to create unparalleled experimentation in creative energy, synergy, intellectualism, irreverence, and yes... sometimes, chaos.

Webzines and e-journals offer new and aspiring writers a virtual publishing playground. They challenge our notions of plain vanilla commercialism, and they treat our souls to innovative mind-candy. In short, there are thousands of places on the web to publish your work. We can only list two scores of them. But all of our picks offer readers and writers a cyber corner of literary convenience.

Since 1996, 2River has been a site of poetry, art, and theory.

3AM Magazine
Fresh, innovative and irreverent writing.

The Adirondack Review
The Adirondack Review seeks high-quality poetry and fiction in the form of short stories.

The Barcelona Review
The Barcelona Review is the Web's first electronic review of international, contemporary cutting-edge fiction in English/Spanish/Catalan multilingual format.

An online journal of art and literature from the Department of English at Virginia Commonwealth University.

Blithe House Quarterly
Blithe House Quarterly features a diversity of new short stories by emerging and established lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered authors.

The Blue Penny Quarterly
Back in the dark ages of the Internet, BPQ was born as one of the earliest online-only magazines focused exclusively on literary work.

Cafe Ireal
Cafe Ireal is a quarterly webzine that presents a kind of fantastic fiction infrequently published in English. This fiction, which we would describe as irreal, resembles the work of writers such as Franz Kafka, Kobo Abe, Luisa Valenzuela and Jorge Luis Borges. The Cafe Irreal also features articles and reviews about irrealism.

Carve Magazine
Honest Fiction.

Clarksworld Magazine
Clarkesworld Magazine is an online venue and chapbook series for short works of science fiction, fantasy, and horror.

Cortland Review
An Online Literary Magazine in RealAudio. Not only read, but hear your favorite poets and writers.

The Danforth Review
The Danforth Review is looking for challenging work, literary work. They are looking for writers who dream of putting the right words in the right order. They are looking for work from around the world. They do not believe in borders. They do not believe in extremes. Make it intelligent. Make it interesting. They'll like it.

Dead Mule
The Dead Mule School of Southern Literature.

Defenestration publishes all sorts of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and artwork, under the conditions that a.) it’s funny; and b.) it’s funny enough to publish.

Divine Dirt Quarterly
Throughfiction, art, poetry and more, we purpose to re-open the veins of expression to our spiritual and moral struggles--struggles which words often fail to express and dogma strives to supress.

Drunken Boat
Imagine a society where speaking is considered a transparent, de facto attribute of humanity, where the primacy of speech is seen as the differentiating characteristic between humans and other higher mammals, where the very disease you suffered from was itself caught in a net of discourse whose terms and unspoken presuppositions you had no control over, that in fact you were said, without irony or apology, to have been struck dumb.
The webzine of personal stories...

Exquisite Corpse
Works of language genius, provocation, malignant brilliance, practical utopianism, profound terror, sexual delirium, and resolute enmity against commonplace, cliché, and convention.

Fiction, photographs, rants, reviews, links, essays, and other unclassifiables are accepted and declined.

Five Chapters
An online journal with a smart take on serialization, publishes a five-part story each week, beginning on Monday, with a new installment each weekday. Submissions may be sent via email only to, Five Chapters, David Daley, editor;
An online quarterly that publishes original works of fiction, poetry and art--works that span a broad stylistic gamut, from experimental to the more mainstream.
An online magazine that features flash fiction, short stories, and poetry.

The Foliate Oak
Foliate Oak is open to all submissions. There is no limits to topic or style. But they do love flash fiction.

Gemini Magazine
Gemini Magazine is an online journal of the arts featuring a wide variety of fiction, poetry, reviews and more. We welcome creative fiction and nonfiction submissions from both new and established writers.

The Gloom Cupboard
Literature for the Common People.

Hobartlikes quirky stories with subjects like truck driving and mathematics and vagabonding, but not really stories that rely too heavily on their quirkiness.

HoboEye: seducing the wandering eye.
A literary website, sort of...

Jacket Magazine
Jacket is a free Internet-only literary magazine, featuring poetry, creative prose, reviews, interviews, author photos, and informative articles.

The Konundrum Engine Literary Review
The Konundrum Engine Literary Review is an online journal based in New York, NY. All they really want to do is make you happy.

Le Petite Zine
Write some wrongs.

Literal Latte
Mind stimulating prose, poetry, and art.

Madhatters Review
Edgy and Enlightened Literature, Art, and Music in an Age of Dementia.

Timothy McSweeney's

A forum for new verse and poetics.

MoneyBicycle appreciates diversity and will consider anything, really, whether it's the story of a talking bear with a penchant for Toaster Strudel or the story of how Dr. James Naismith invented basketball.

Pif Magazine
Pif publishes a poetry section, a short story section ("Macro Fiction"), a short-short section ("Micro Fiction"), a memoir section, an interview section, a songwriting section, a screenwriting section, craft articles, a zine reviews section, animated cover art, an onsite bookstore, theme-oriented commentary, searchable archives, and Writers Only classifieds.

Pindeldyboz is an operation run by a small but valiant group of people who publish creative works--much fiction, not a lot of nonfiction, and artwork makes an irregular appearance.

Praxis Magazine
Praxis Magazine is a literary magazine with a sense of humor. We like work that's well-written and edgy, favoring pieces that have a humorous and/or quirky slant.

The Prick of the Spindle
This journal is open to forms in both traditional and experimental modes, with a special bent toward fresh and innovative voices

Slope is an online journal devoted to poetry being written around the world.

Small Spiral Notebook
A venture into something literary...

story South
storySouth's most important mission is to showcase the best fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry that writers from the new South have to offer.

The Summerset Review
Founded in 2002, The Summerset Review is a nonprofit Internet magazine devoted to the review and publication of unsolicited short stories and essays.

Tarpualin Sky
Tarpaulin Sky seeks work that experiments with language and form as a means, not as an end unto itself as well as Work that does not assume errant punctuation & mangled syntax = innovation.

Unpleasant Event Schedule
Unpleasant Event Schedule is an online literary journal that publishes new poems, prose, miscellany.

Concise prose. Enough said. a quarterly on-line literary magazine providing thought-provoking, engaging stories to our readers and fellow writers. is an online journal devoted to literature, art, and culture. Although our mission is to publish original and unusual work, we remain rooted in the classic art of storytelling.

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